Accounting Degree FloridaOne of the best ways to secure a future in a strong and competitive industry is to pursue an accounting degree. Florida residents have a state-of-the-art technical training center in Fort Myers at Immokalee Technical College. Here, students can obtain a degree in accounting that certifies them for jobs such as bookkeeping, accounting, auditing, and different clerical positions.

We partner with active business executives who go above and beyond the traditional advisory capacity you find at other technical schools. With our unique learning model, local businesses “adopt” programs and provide financial assistance, curriculum development, job placement assistance, and networking opportunities. This partnership gives students experiences such as job shadowing, internships, and professionals in residence.

Get to Know Immokalee Technical College

Immokalee Technical College, or simply iTECH, has a mission – to provide relevant real-world educational experiences to qualify students for gainful employment and career advancement. We strive to give students their best chance, with rigorous hands-on courses using both traditional and distance learning models. When it comes to earning an accounting degree, Florida students trust Immokalee Tech for a high-quality education.

One of the things that make Immokalee Technical College unique is our public on-campus businesses. Their open-to-the-public storefronts include a practicing medical office, cyber café, full restaurant, childcare center, cosmetology salon, and automotive service center. These storefronts give students direct real world training to mix customer service skills in with each student’s education.

Immokalee Tech College’s career and technical education programs are available to adults and high school students. We offer general education development (GED) and dual-enrollment programs to high school students. Credits students earn at iTECH apply to high school graduation requirements and double as college credits – saving students time and money while pursuing higher education. Immokalee Tech’s GED program prepares students to pass the state GED examination and earn a high school diploma. Learn more about our GED program.

About Our Accounting Degree Program

At Immokalee Tech, we offer a wide variety of technical and career programs. One such program, Accounting Operations, is ideal for those who want to pursue an accounting degree in Florida. Whether you dream of becoming an accounting clerk or a bookkeeper, find your niche at our Fort Myers campus.

Our Accounting Operations program gives students a solid foundation of skills and knowledge necessary for accounting positions. During the program, students learn how to classify, record, and summarize numerical data. They will also make computations to manage and retain financial records. Students learn a great many skills involved in accounting that will serve them well in the future. Skills students acquire include:

  • Automated accounting
  • Business ethics
  • Business math
  • Corporation accounting
  • Filing
  • Keyboarding
  • Merchandising accounting
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Word
  • Partnership accounting
  • Sole proprietorship accounting
  • Written and oral communication

Students also obtain QuickBooks certification and Microsoft PowerPoint national certification. Employers look for these skills and certifications on a job applicant’s résumé. After graduating with the accounting program certificate, students will be more prepared to take on real-world jobs and qualify for competitive accounting careers. Get all the facts about our business technology programs.

Courses Involved in the Accounting Operations Program

When registering for an Immokalee Tech College accounting degree in Florida, students have to sign up for the complete program. The complete program includes these courses:

  • OTA0040: Information Technology Assistant. This course gives an overview of current information systems and business trends. It introduces students to the skills required for today’s business environments, encouraging a strong foundation. This course emphasizes developing touch keyboarding proficiency and understanding fundamental computer applications for accountants. 150 hours.
  • ACO0040: Accounting Clerk. This course focuses on the proper way to record business transactions and prepare financial systems, teaching current methods and principles. It emphasizes double-entry accounting. Students learn how to prepare various documents used for recording asset acquisition, income, expenses, changes in equity, and incurrence of liabilities. Students will also learn about cash receipts, voucher systems, payroll records, petty cash, and internal control systems. 300 hours.
  • ACO0041: Accounting Associate. The content of this course covers methods to determine costs of merchandise inventory, depreciation, the aging process, financial statement interpretation, general ledger account analysis, transactions analysis, tax forms, and correcting entries. It connects accounting principle applications to multiple entities. 300 hours.
  • ACO0042: Accounting Assistant. This course is a capstone of accounting principles. It focuses on the use of commercial accounting software. Students learn about the accounting cycle through proprietorships, corporate accounting, and partnerships. Areas of focus include tax forms, investment management, and payroll. 150 hours.

The total length of the iTECH accounting program is 900 hours. Students have the opportunity to sign up for these courses during the spring, summer, fall, and winter semesters. There are currently no specific admissions requirements to sign up. Students who successfully complete the program and satisfy basic skill requirements according to state guidelines receive a certificate. Check out our full course catalog.

Unlock Accounting Career Opportunities

At Immokalee Technical College, we encourage students to consider our accounting degree. In Florida and around the world, an accounting degree opens the doors to a plethora of exciting and competitive career opportunities, including:

  • Bookkeeper
  • Accounting clerk
  • Auditing clerk
  • Inventory clerk
  • Payroll clerk

There are also clerical positions available across several different industries, such as education, engineering, government, law, medicine, real estate, and small business. Sign up for Immokalee Tech College’s Accounting Operations program and unlock these career opportunities.

Join an Accredited Florida Technical College

Immokalee Technical College has accreditation from Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI). To earn this accreditation, a school must meet stringent requirements from SACS. Schools must prove compliance with high standards and indicators, complete a self-study, and must pass a visit from an assigned team of peer educators.

The Commission of the Council on Occupational Education (COE) also accredits Immokalee Tech College, marking us as a college with assured quality and integrity in technical and career education. Wherever you choose to pursue your accounting degree in Florida, check your college for these accreditations to ensure that you’re getting a high-quality education. To contact Immokalee Technical College about an accounting degree, Florida residents can fill out our online form or call (239) 377-9900.

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