Automotive Service Degree FloridaAs part of our dedication to transportation and industrial career building, Immokalee Technical College (iTECH) gives students the chance to earn an automotive service degree. Florida residents who want to qualify for automotive industry jobs or further their careers will benefit from our Automotive Technology program – a four-semester program that provides hands-on, real-world experience handling elements of the automotive industry.

Immokalee Technical College’s Automotive Technology Program

Our Automotive Technology program encompasses nine different classes, teaching students a wide range of skills relating to automotive services. Students learn to handle equipment, perform general engine diagnoses and repairs, and service a variety of automobile components. One of the many things that make an education at Immokalee Tech College unique is our on-campus automotive center, which gives students real-world automotive service experience with actual customers.

On top of iTECH’s on-site automotive storefront, students benefit from our school’s partnership with local businesses. Instead of simply giving students advice, as is the case at most technical colleges, iTECH has created an education model in which local businesses give students internship opportunities and job shadowing. If you’re interested in earning an automotive service degree in Florida, Immokalee Technical College will give you the practical and hands-on experience that stands out on a résumé. Learn more about iTECH’s Automotive Technology program.

Courses Included in Our Automotive Technology Program

When you enroll in Immokalee Tech College’s Automotive Service Technology program to pursue an automotive service degree in Florida, you’ll learn transferable skills the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) tests for in the industry. Immokalee Technical College’s auto services program demonstrates elements of the ASE’s tests. Laboratory activities in the campus automotive shop are an integral part of our program. There are nine courses in our program. Read our course catalog for full descriptions:

  • AER0014: Automobile Service Assistor. Learn skills, equipment, and safety regulations, as well as the foundations for consumer services and routine automobile maintenance. 300 hours.
  • AER0110: Engine Repair Technician. Learn to diagnose and repair the general engine, engine block, cylinder head and valve train, and lubrication and cooling systems. 150 hours.
  • AER0257: Automatic Transmission and Transaxle Technician. Learn the operation and servicing of automatic transmissions and transaxles. 150 hours.
  • AER0274: Manual Drivetrain and Axle Technician. Learn to diagnose and repair clutch transmissions, drivetrains, transaxles, and much more. 150 hours.
  • AER0453: Automobile Suspension and Steering Technician. Learn to repair general suspension systems, steering systems, and miscellaneous wheel and tire services. 150 hours.
  • AER0418: Automotive Brake System Technician. Learn how to diagnose and repair a variety of brake systems and components. 150 hours.
  • AER0360: Automotive Electrical System Technician. Learn about the electronic/electrical components relating to a vehicle’s starting system, battery, lighting systems, warning devices, and more. 300 hours.
  • AER0172: Automotive Heating and Air-Conditioning Technician. Learn everything there is to know about automobile heating and cooling systems, including how to repair AC systems and refrigeration system components. 150 hours.
  • AER00503: Automotive Engine Performance Technician. Learn to diagnose and repair computerized engine controls, air induction, fuel, ignition systems, intake air temperature controls, and more. 300 hours.

After receiving certification for successful completion of Immokalee Tech College’s Automotive Technology program, students will be able to pursue an automotive service degree. Florida students who hold iTECH’s certification will have the skills and understanding required to pass ASE tests.

Frequently Asked Program Questions

If you’re interested in an automotive service degree in Florida at Immokalee Tech, you probably have some questions. Here are three frequently asked questions we often encounter regarding our automotive services program:

  • How long does the Automotive Technology program last? Our Auto Tech program spans four semesters (two years). The program’s total length is 1,800 hours. Students can take the necessary courses in the fall, winter, and spring.
  • After I complete the Automotive Tech program, what do I receive? Completion of the iTECH Automotive Tech program results in a certificate. Students must successfully complete our program’s competencies, as well as satisfy basic skill requirements according to state guidelines. Basing your education at iTECH on automotive services culminates in an automotive service degree in Florida.
  • What careers will I qualify for after completing the program? With the Immokalee Technical College certification on your résumé, you’ll be eligible for positions such as automotive technician, assistant mechanic, lube technician, brake technician, engine repair technician, transmission technician, and engine performance technician.

Submit our contact form for a more detailed answer to your queries. An iTECH staff member will return your contact request and answer any questions you may have over the phone or in person, at our Immokalee campus.

How to Sign Up for iTECH’s Automotive Services Program

To sign up for Immokalee Tech’s automotive career certificate program, visit the iTECH Student Services Department. Office hours are Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. and Friday from 8 a.m. to noon. You can make an appointment to take the Tests of Adult Basic Education (TABE), the required assessment for application purposes. To schedule a time to take the TABE, call (239) 377-4556 or (239) 377-9915.

There is a $30 fee to apply for iTECH, which includes the TABE and career assessment. Bring the required documents laid out in the Florida Residency Requirements for Tuition Purposes. If you’re a dependent under the age of 24, follow the instructions for parent documentation and signature. Review the study guide for TABE, found on our website. You will also have to take the Bennett Mechanical Reasoning and Spatial Aptitude test to apply for our automotive program. There is an additional fee for taking this exam.

After you complete the TABE, meet with an iTECH adviser to discuss your test scores and program options. If you need anything else to enroll at Immokalee Technical College, your adviser will let you know. Upon admittance to iTECH’s certificate programs, you may enroll in the courses of your choice to pursue an automotive service degree in Florida.

Enroll at iTECH Today

If you’re ready to begin the enrollment process to pursue a certificate in automotive technology at Immokalee Technical College, contact us to get in touch with an adviser who can help. Applying to iTECH is the first step toward pursuing an automotive service degree. Florida residents can call (239) 377-9900 to speak with an Immokalee Tech administrator.

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