CNA Practical Nursing Degree FloridaIf you’ve dreamed of acquiring a certified nursing assistant (CNA) practical nursing degree, Florida residents can come to Immokalee Technical College. Our practical nursing program is one of several we offer in our health college. The focus of the practical nursing program is to prepare students for employment in a variety of health care settings. The program combines classroom, laboratory, and clinical applications to ready students for gainful employment as CNAs.

CNAs provide nursing care to patients in need, under the direction of a nurse. CNAs provide hands-on care to patients, clients, and residents in many different health care settings. Earning a CNA practical nursing degree in Florida enables graduates to find gainful employment in a position they can feel good about. Contact iTECH for information about our nursing program opportunities.

Why Enroll in Immokalee Tech College’s Nursing Program?

At Immokalee Technical College, our practical nursing program teaches students the skills necessary to gain employment in a health care setting. Our program enables students to learn and practice basic nursing skills, as well as enhance employability with skills such as recordkeeping, professional conduct, finances, technology in health care, interview skills, résumé writing, and developing strategies to acquire and retain employment.

Our state-of-the-art technical college in Immokalee gives students hands-on experience through an open-to-the-public practicing medical office. Explore our campus. Students can train directly in the medical office, incorporating patient skills with their practical nursing training. Another unique benefit students can enjoy at iTECH is our college’s active business partners. These partners offer students networking opportunities, curriculum development, internships, job shadowing, and professional in residence.

The Florida Board of Nursing requires students to spend 40 or more hours of course time in clinical areas, with 20 of those in a long-term care facility. Our nursing program includes 165 hours total and meets the board requirements with experience in clinical simulation labs and sites. Clinical times vary based on site availability. Achieving the iTECH practical nursing certification opens the doors to employment as a CNA in a variety of health care locations, including:

  • Clinics
  • Doctor offices
  • Extended care facilities
  • Home health care agencies
  • Hospice
  • Hospitals
  • Private duty
  • Rehabilitation centers

No matter where you see yourself after graduation, with an iTECH program certificate, you’re a step closer to a CNA practical nursing degree. Florida residents come to Immokalee Technical College for a superior, hands-on nursing education. Learn more about our nursing assistant program.

What Does the Practical Nursing Program Cover?

To pursue a CNA practical nursing degree in Florida, a student needs to learn certain skills, terminology, and responsibilities. Immokalee Tech Center’s practical nursing program gives students this knowledge, introducing people to the health care profession and life as a CNA. Our program teaches students about legal and ethical responsibilities, health and safety, interpersonal skills, basic nursing skills, employability skills, gerontology, medical terminology, and nutrition.

Students will practice their learned skills under the supervision of qualified registered nurse (RN) instructor in simulated or clinical laboratory settings. Lab activities provide a safe zone for nursing students to practice with the equipment and materials related to basic health care. In the lab, students learn how to solve realistic client problems and workplace situations. To earn the Immokalee Tech College nursing assistant certification, students must take and pass two courses:

  1. HSC0003: Basic Healthcare Worker. During this course, students will learn communication skills and legal/ethical responsibilities of health care professionals. The state of Florida requires the Basic Healthcare Worker course for all health occupational programs.

    In this class, students learn how to properly respond to emergency situations. They also learn infection control methods involving HIV/OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) blood-borne pathogens. This course covers computer literacy, employability skills, and confidentiality issues. Students will also receive training in domestic violence and prevention of medical errors. 90 hours.

  2. HCP0121: Nurse Aide and Orderly, articulated. This course will prepare students to assist clients and residents in health care facilities. After passing the class, students will be able to take vital signs, assist with noninvasive procedures, and help residents/clients with activities of daily living. Students receive classroom, clinical, and laboratory experiences. 75 hours.

These two courses prepare students for real-world certified nursing assistant applications. Areas of focus include basic anatomy and physiology, illnesses and disease, basic nutrition, and client care in facilities and home settings. On top of these two courses, iTECH offers several others for other health care related certifications. Review our course catalog.

Other Health Care Certifications at iTECH

If you’re chasing a career in health care and want to obtain a CNA practical nursing degree in Florida, Immokalee Technical College can help. Our health college offers four separate programs for people who want careers in health care:

  1. Medical billing and coding. Students learn how to take and pass the Certified Professional Coder exam, conducted via the American Academy of Professional Coders. This program prepares students for careers as certified medical coders.
  2. Nursing assistant. This program focuses on preparing students for careers as CNAs, providing hands-on education to care for patients who require daily living assistance.
  3. Patient care technician. This program prepares students as cross-trained nursing assistants who can provide care to residents and patients in different health care facilities.
  4. Practical nursing. If you want to become a licensed practical nurse (LPN), this program is for you. Our practical nursing coursework will prepare students to plan, implement, and evaluate nursing care for all types of patients.

Focus on one specialty and acquire the certificate you desire or complete more than one nursing program for multiple certificates. The nursing coursework at iTECH offers thousands of hours’ worth of high-quality education, with many of these hours in hands-on laboratories and on-campus clinics.

Ready to Begin Your Career as a Certified Nursing Assistant?

If you’ve put off a CNA practical nursing degree and you’re a Florida resident, you don’t have to wait any longer. Apply to Immokalee Technical College and join our certified nursing assistant program to jumpstart your career. Whether you’re still in high school and want to dual-enroll or are an adult who wants to return to school and advance your career, iTECH can help you achieve a CNA practical nursing degree. Florida residents can call (239) 377-9900 to speak with an advisor today.

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