Computer Systems Information Fort Meyers FLInvest in your future with a certification in computer systems information. Fort Myers, FL, high school students and adults interested in pursuing a career in computer and business can enroll in the Computer Systems Information Technology program at Immokalee Technical College. Our program prepares students to install, program, operate, maintain, and service modern computer systems. Students will also learn how to diagnose and correct computer operational problems that arise from mechanical or electrical malfunctions.

Career Opportunities in Computer Systems Information Technology

Upon completion of the iTECH computer systems information program, graduates receive certificates that make them eligible for many career opportunities. With the skills that students learn at Immokalee Tech College, they will have what it takes to acquire competitive jobs in their niche. Careers connected to computer systems information in Fort Myers, FL, include:

  • Bench technician
  • Computer help desk
  • Computer service technicians
  • Computer user training
  • Data processing equipment repairers
  • Desktop support
  • Field service technician
  • Network administration
  • System administration
  • Technical assistance

One of the most stable industries to join today is computers and business. We’re in the height of the digital era, and there is a large job market in computer systems information. Fort Myers, FL, residents can get an edge over the competition by earning the iTECH certificate in computer systems information. With our certificate, you’ll stand out to employers.

Why Choose Immokalee Technology College?

Immokalee Technology College is the newest technical training center in Florida, providing career education programs with state-of-the-art equipment and innovative education models. Learn about iTECH. Students choose Immokalee Tech for post-secondary adult career training programs because of the unique benefits we offer to those looking to excel in the computer and business industry.

When you choose iTECH for your certification program, you enjoy special benefits that only our campus offers. Unlike most technical colleges, Immokalee Technical College partners actively with local businesses. These partners adopt our programs, taking students under their wings and helping to advance student learning. Local businesses and organizations enhance iTECH’s curriculum development, grant financial assistance, and open a variety of connection activities for students.

After earning the certificate, our partners even provide job placement assistance – helping students beyond graduation. Thanks to our innovative, hands-on education model, when you join Immokalee Tech College’s Computer Systems Information Technology program, you have professional help from successful businesses in your desired industry. This gives you an advantage over other job applicants.

How to Earn the iTECH Certificate

Earning a certificate in computer systems information technology from iTECH means you’ve successfully completed the coursework, fulfilled its competencies, and satisfied the state guidelines for basic skill requirements. With this certification on your résumé, you can apply for many jobs in computer systems information in Fort Myers, FL, with confidence. To earn the iTECH certificate in this program, you must complete the full program. This includes four different classes:

  • CTS0082: Computer Systems Technician. In this class, you’ll learn basic lab practices, math, science, and electronic fundamentals as they relate to electronic devices. This course gives students a foundation in software and hardware and customer relations, as well as communication and employability skills. 300 hours.
  • CTS0083: Computer Network Technician. This course teaches students the fundamentals of how to install, configure, and troubleshoot network equipment systems – necessary skill sets for the modern computer technician. 150 hours.
  • CTS0084: Computer Networking Specialist. During this class, students learn how to configure and troubleshoot many different computer systems and peripheral equipment. 150 hours.
  • CTS0069: Computer Security Technician. In this important course, students learn a plethora of important information relating to cyber security – a skill that’s currently in high demand. 300 hours.

Find out more about the program. After successfully completing the required coursework, a total of 900 hours, you’ll have the knowledge to take industry certification exams for Cisco’s CCENT & CCNA and CompTIA A+ and Server+. These are the computer industry’s top certification programs and help graduates secure jobs in their desired industry. The advantages Immokalee Tech gives you can mean the difference between securing your dream job and an employer choosing another job applicant.

About Our Computer Security Technician Coursework

The course titled “Computer Security Technician” is 300 hours of important information regarding cyber security. Cyber security is a hot-button topic in the modern age, where digitalization of sensitive information has led to an increased demand for comprehensive security systems and strategies. This flourishing job market is constantly evolving, adding more job opportunities as consumer demand dictates. Capitalize on this growing job market by studying computer systems information in Fort Myers, FL, at Immokalee Tech College.

Our coursework on computer security prepares students to handle various types of malicious computer codes and mitigate user vulnerability. These are skills many businesses will pay top dollar for, hiring prospects with special certifications on the subject to ensure the safety of sensitive financial and consumer information. In our CTS0069 course, students will learn these skills through hands-on education in our labs, among others:

  • Recognize malicious code
  • Risk identification
  • Explain and differentiate access control models
  • Mitigate digital and physical vulnerability
  • Administer remote access help
  • Recognize authentication methods
  • Understand email and Internet security concepts
  • Implement disaster recovery
  • Achieve business continuity
  • Manage public key infrastructure
  • Detect intrusions
  • Educate and train users

On top of these myriad skills, students will also be knowledgeable about security topologies, application and network system hardening, privilege management, and forensics. The vast amount of education and experience student will gain in the Immokalee Tech College’s programs will prepare anyone for a career in computer systems information in Fort Myers, FL. Check out our Applied Cyber Security program.

Ready to Apply? Contact Us Today

If the iTECH Computer Systems Information Technology program or other computer and business program has sparked your interest, please contact us. The Immokalee Technical College’s mission is to give students relevant real-world educational experiences. Our combination of distance and traditional education plans allow us to qualify students for gainful employment and career advancement. Join the hundreds of students who have benefitted from iTECH’s comprehensive courses on computer systems information. Fort Myers, FL, citizens can call (239) 377-9900 to speak with an Immokalee Technical College adviser.

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