Culinary Arts Fort Meyers FLIf you’re looking for fun and exciting gainful employment opportunities, consider pursuing a career certificate in culinary arts. Fort Myers, FL, high school students and adults interested in culinary arts are welcome at Immokalee Technical College, an accredited college with a comprehensive, hands-on educational plan. Our Culinary Arts Program provides a sequence of relevant courses that give students the skills and knowledge to obtain careers the industry.

Relevant, Real-World Learning Experiences

As part of the course curriculum, students in our Culinary Arts program provide the student body, staff, and public with breakfast and lunch at affordable costs at iTown Café. This real-world practical application of culinary skills benefits students, who create specials, handcraft brick-oven pizzas, and bake pastries. Students cook on a daily basis, accommodating the standard café menu on top of two daily specials. The menu is diverse, introducing students to Asian, Italian, standard American, and classical French cuisine.

The iTown Café gives students of the culinary arts in Fort Myers, FL, the opportunity to practice cooking as well as customer service. Students have to work the registers and learn the infrastructure of a restaurant. This type of experience is invaluable in the real world and will shine on a job application. Not only will students who graduate from the iTECH Culinary Arts program know how to cook, but they’ll excel in keeping customers happy as well.

Preparing Students for Gainful Employment

The certificates we offer focus on giving students the tools they need to obtain gainful employment or advance their careers after graduation. Students involved in culinary arts in Fort Myers, FL, at iTECH will, upon coursework completion, be able to:

  • Use commercial tools and equipment
  • Understand and implement safe and sanitary workplace procedures
  • Identify potential job and career opportunities
  • Perform inventory and back-of-house duties accurately
  • Follow guidelines for food selection, purchasing, receiving, and storing
  • Prepare and present food to meet high-quality standards and creativity goals
  • Analyze menus of different food establishments

Through work at the iTown Café and in the classroom, students learn cooking and baking techniques, transferable skills and knowledge, and issues relating to culinary arts. Fort Myers, FL, students who graduate with the iTECH career certificate will be eligible for career opportunities such as restaurant/private household cooks and first-line food preparation and serving supervisors. Culinary arts careers exist at schools, hotels, restaurants, and a great many other places for those with the proper certifications.

Required Coursework for Culinary Arts Certification

If you enroll at Immokalee Technical College to pursue a certificate of culinary arts, Fort Myers, FL, residents must take and pass the required coursework. Our course catalog outlines hundreds of classes available at iTECH across myriad industries. For the college to award you with the program’s certificate, you must complete 1,200 hours of coursework in four different courses. The requisite courses are as follows:

  • HMV0100: Food Preparation. Students will utilize commercial culinary equipment in our state-of-the-art iTown Café Students must read, follow, and prepare recipes while following state health guidelines. This course gives students a chance to determine a personal career path. 300 hours.
  • HMV0170: Cook, Restaurant. Students must creatively plan menus and perform advanced baking and cooking techniques that conform to quality standards. Students will learn duties such as front-of-house jobs and working with customers, as well as back-of-house skills that deal with food and inventory. 300 hours.
  • HMV0171: Chef/Head Cook. While preparing and serving meals at iTECH’s conference center, students will learn buffet food prep skills such as preparing fruits and vegetables, meat, dairy, and bakery goods. 300 hours.
  • HMV0126: Food Service Management. Students develop a business plan using information technology tools, proving their ability to incorporate state guidelines for the food service industry in their plans. This course focuses on management skills. 300 hours.

There are no specific admissions requirements to enter iTECH’s Culinary Arts program. Simply apply at Immokalee Tech College and enroll in the classes of your choice at the next available semester after admittance. Our staff members will be standing by if you need help with your application procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

One of our main goals is to give students an experience tailored for their career goals. Over the years, we’ve shaped and improved our Culinary Arts program according to student questions and concerns. Here are three frequently asked questions we receive about our career certificate for culinary arts in Fort Myers, FL:

  • What areas of culinary arts does the program focus on? The iTECH Culinary Arts career certificate program focuses on the areas of soups, salads, sauces, baking, pastries, serving, and cashiering. The goal of the program is to prepare students for gainful employment with real-world experience.
  • How long does the course last? Our Culinary Arts program lasts two and a half semesters (1,200 hours). Students can take the required classes in spring, summer, fall, or winter.
  • What career opportunities might I have after completing the program? With a certificate in culinary arts in Fort Myers, FL, the doors are open to a variety of career choices. These include supervising food preparation and cooks in a several different capacities. Your dreams of cooking or baking for a living may be possible with help from iTECH.

If you have any more questions about our Culinary Arts program, don’t hesitate to call (239) 377-9900. Our course advisers will walk you through the catalog and help you with the application process. Pursuing culinary arts in Fort Myers, FL, is a wise decision and one Immokalee Technical College fully supports.

Connect with Immokalee Tech College Today

Here at Immokalee Tech College, we embrace students who show an interest in culinary arts. Our comprehensive Culinary Arts program strives to equip students with the skills, knowledge, and resources to make high-quality chefs or food supervisors in the future. No matter what career your certificate leads you to, know that help from iTECH will improve your chances of securing a job in your desired niche. Contact Immokalee Technical College today to find out more about our programs for culinary arts. Fort Myers, FL, potential students can reach our staff at (239) 377-9900.

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