Cyber Security Technology Degree FloridaJoin a strong, dynamic job market by pursuing a cyber security technology degree. Florida high school students and adults can come to Immokalee Technical College for an innovative, hands-on education. Those interested in boosting their careers or securing gainful employment in the computer and business industries can learn the necessary skills and foundations to be eligible for jobs in their niche. Our Applied Cyber Security program at the Immokalee, FL, campus uses a state-of-the-art training facility to give students the opportunity to work with modern computers and technologies.

In addition to Immokalee Tech College’s excellent hands-on learning opportunities, our educators also advance student learning by partnering with local businesses. Meet our business advisers. A business adopts the cyber security program and provides financial support, internships, job shadowing, and professional advice to students. Our partners even help place students with jobs upon graduation, giving some lucky students pursuing cyber security technology degrees in Florida gainful employment right away.

Jumpstart Your Computer Technology Career

In today’s economy, most people worry about how they will make ends meet. At Immokalee Tech College, we give people the opportunity to invest in their futures with career certifications in relevant trades. Our Applied Cyber Security program teaches the area of processes, practices, and technologies. At the end of the program, our students are able to protect data, computers, programs, and networks from unauthorized access and attacks. This is a much-desired skill in today’s job market.

As the Digital Era hits its stride, businesses and chief technology officers headhunt talent in the cyber security industry to keep their corporations safe from malware and cyber attacks. Top corporations need to hire technicians with certificates, training, and cyber security technology degrees in Florida. With the skills you’ll learn in the iTECH program, you’ll have what it takes to secure these kinds of jobs. Read more about the Applied Cyber Security program. Potential job opportunities with the Immokalee Tech College Applied Security certificate include:

  • IT security engineer
  • Information security analyst
  • Information security administrator
  • Information security manager
  • Network security administrator
  • Security specialist
  • Web security specialist
  • Security consultant
  • Data security

If you’re interested in a cyber-security-related career or other job in the information technology niche, the Immokalee Technical College Applied Cyber Security program will be your steppingstone. You’ll learn relevant technical knowledge, skills, higher-order reasoning, problem solving, occupation-specific skills, and general employability skills. With your foundation of all aspects of cyber security, you can apply to jobs with confidence. You’ll also be prepared to take industry certification exams for Cisco’s CCENT & CCNA, as well as CompTIA A+ and Server+.

Immokalee Tech College’s Cyber Security Program

When you join Immokalee Technical College’s Applied Cyber Security program, you’ll have access to six comprehensive courses over the spring, summer, fall, and winter. These courses teach foundational facts and offer the real-world experience you need to have a successful career in computer and business security. The classes for our cyber security technology degree in Florida are as follows:

  • CTS0018: Cyber Security Associate. The longest course in the program, at 600 hours, this class teaches general computer system skills, knowledge, and applications. Students will learn the underlying concepts of computer security, including information about programming and standard operating systems.
  • CTS0019: Information Security Manager. This course builds students’ knowledge of computer risk management, emphasizing proficiency in disaster recovery and forensic analysis. 150 hours.
  • CTS0021: Data Security Specialist. This course teaches the fundamentals of database recovery and design, as well as structure operation. Students will build their knowledge and skill dealing with these components. 300 hours.
  • CTS0060: Software Security Specialist. Students will learn to recognize and prevent breaches in computer software. They will also develop strategies for making program information more secure against attacks and malware. 150 hours.
  • CTS0085: Web Security Specialist. This course focuses on security services and protocols students may need to use in IP environments. 150 hours.
  • CTS0089: Information Security Administrator. This course teaches students employment-enhancing skills such as teamwork, time management, organization, and policies and procedures. This class helps students prepare for employment in the cyber security field. 150 hours.

The iTECH Applied Cyber Security program is one of the most comprehensive, rigorous, and immersive in Fort Myers, FL. View our full course catalog. To start your cyber security technology degree in Florida on the right foot, come to Immokalee Technical College. Our knowledgeable staff and learning laboratories will help you succeed.

Questions About Our Security Program? Ask our Advisers

If you have any questions about our program, our advisers are happy to answer them. Here are four frequently asked questions we receive about the Applied Cyber Security program:

  • How long does the program last? To receive the iTECH certificate for applied cyber security, students must complete 750 hours. Students must complete occupational completion points (OCP) A, plus at least one subsequent OCP (B through F). Depending on the number of subsequent OCPs a student takes, total hours for the program may be 750, 900, 1,050, 1,200, or 1,350.
  • Is there financial aid available for the Applied Cyber Security program? Financial assistance is available to most students at Immokalee Tech College in the shape of federal grants, scholarships, and loans. Learn more about financial aid at iTECH.
  • What will I learn? Our cyber security program is comprehensive, going over a wide variety of subjects in the field. Students will learn foundational network security knowledge, intrusion detection and prevention, risk identification, penetration testing, data recovery, and much more.
  • What will I receive upon completion of the program? Applied Cyber Security is one of our career certification programs, culminating in the award of a certificate. After graduating, students are free to pursue a cyber security technology degree in Florida or elsewhere.

For more information regarding our Applied Cyber Security program or about Immokalee Technical College in general, please contact us. We have career advisers and office assistants available to answer your call or query form during regular business hours. We’re happy to discuss your future in computers and business at iTECH. To find out more about earning a cyber security technology degree, Florida residents can call iTECH at (239) 377-9900.

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