Digital And Multimedia Design FloridaTo jumpstart a fulfilling career in digital and multimedia design, Florida residents should enroll at Immokalee Technical College. As the newest state-of-the-art training facility in Fort Myers, Immokalee Tech College (iTECH) has the tools, equipment, and resources to advance a student’s knowledge and skill in the multimedia design industry. Our cutting-edge equipment enables students to learn professional applications in digital video editing, photo editing, illustration, and much more.

Explore iTECH’s Digital Media/Multimedia Design Program

Enrollment into our Digital Media/Multimedia Design program means students will take 1,050 hours’ worth of relevant coursework to their field. Immokalee Tech College offers design courses in the fall and winter semesters. During coursework, students engage in rigorous content to obtain relevant technical knowledge and multimedia skills.

The academic standards we hold our students are necessary to prepare them for careers in the arts, audio/visual technology, and communication industry. Explore the courses students must take to earn the certificate for digital and multimedia design in Florida:

  • DIG0081: Theory and Foundations of Design. In this course, students learn basic computer knowledge, illustration software, photo editing software, and digital still photography. Students will demonstrate a proficiency in presentation production issues. 150 hours.
  • DIG0082: Multimedia Digital Print Designer. Students develop a proficiency in advanced design. This includes an understanding of design layout software, color modes, and use of various fonts. 300 hours.
  • DIG0083: Multimedia Web Interactive Designer. In this course, students learn to navigate general webpage design, including HTML and CSS coding. Students learn how to author software for web design, animation, and object-oriented scripting. They will also develop an understanding of interactive design software for presentations, banners, and webpages. 300 hours.
  • DIG0084: Multimedia Integrated Producer/Designer. Students will demonstrate the ability to produce a complex presentation using presentation, video editing, and authoring software and equipment. Students will need to use all media to create a custom advertising campaign. They will also develop readiness for employment, participating in work-based activities and practicing job-seeking skills. 300 hours.

No matter where you see yourself after graduation, give yourself your best chance for a successful career in digital and multimedia design in Florida with certification from Immokalee Tech College. Our career certification programs prepare students for gainful employment with immersive, hands-on activities and learning experiences. The iTECH program for digital and multimedia design in Florida gives a comprehensive overview of everything a student needs to know to advance his/her career or attain gainful employment in the design industry.

Use Your iTECH Certificate to Launch Your Career

To earn the career certificate, students must take all four courses, for a total of 1,050 hours in digital and multimedia design. Florida students who complete the necessary coursework, fulfill the program’s competencies, and satisfy state skill requirements will earn the certificate. With the Immokalee Tech College certificate on your résumé, you’ll be eligible to apply for a wide range of career opportunities in your desired field. Learn more about our Multimedia Design program.

Whether you dream of becoming a professional web designer, media specialist, or audio-video engineer, the iTECH certificate will empower you to apply for competitive industry positions. Employers look for such certifications, real-world experiences, and competence in job candidates. After graduating from Immokalee Tech College, your application will stand out from the competition. Potential careers available to students with certification in digital and multimedia design in Florida include:

  • Artists and related employment
  • Audio-video engineer
  • Computer programmers
  • Computer software engineer
  • Desktop publishers
  • Digital and multimedia specialist
  • Drafter
  • Fashion designers
  • Floral designers
  • Industrial and commercial designers
  • Interior designers
  • Webpage designer

With the specialized skills you’ll learn in our laboratories and clinics, you’ll have the ability to impress employers. Not only will you have the certificate on your résumé, but you’ll also be an Adobe Certified Associate and expert. Immokalee Technical College teaches the useful and relevant skills today’s consumers and managers want to see.

More About Our Digital and Multimedia Design Program

During your time pursuing the iTECH certification for digital and multimedia design in Florida, your professors will require you to complete portfolios highlighting the skills you’ve learned. Your portfolios will showcase the design capabilities you’re proficient in and serve as examples of what you’re capable of as a designer. You will need to create a print portfolio, video portfolio, or demo reel, and a website portfolio. These portfolios won’t only serve to help you pass the program, but you can also use them in the future to further your career. Your portfolios are examples of your work.

Students must complete six occupational completion points (OCPs) in the program for digital and multimedia design. Florida students must complete multimedia design projects within all six OCPs to satisfy the curriculum requirements. Together, these six projects will make up your portfolio. Areas you may focus your projects on include:

  • Audio elements
  • Client needs and wants
  • Collaboration/teamwork capabilities
  • Foundations of animation, traditional, digital, and tradigital
  • Graphic design
  • Logo/brand creation
  • Multimedia projects
  • Presentation design
  • Storyboarding
  • Understanding employer focus
  • Video integration

While you work to put these projects together and showcase your newly acquired skills, you’ll benefit from the professional guest speakers we hire in the digital and multimedia design industry. As part of our business adviser partnership program, our students work closely with successful individuals in digital and multimedia design in Florida.

Our business advisers adopt each of our career certificate programs, lending professional advice, financial assistance, and impressive job opportunities. Our partnerships with local businesses in Fort Myers open the doors for students to intern and job shadow. This gives students firsthand experiences in real-world employment environments – a learning event that will serve them well into the future. Our business partners often hire students upon graduation, giving them careers in their desired fields right out of the gate.

Apply at Immokalee Technical College Today

Immokalee Tech College’s innovative education model gives students a wonderful opportunity to acquire new skills and build a foundation for career success. Our technical school uses cutting-edge technologies and hands-on laboratories to encourage real-world learning. If you’re ready to apply at Immokalee Technical College, our friendly staff can walk you through the application process. Contact us online to meet with an adviser about your future at iTECH. To launch a career in digital and multimedia design, Florida residents can get in touch with Immokalee Technical College at (239) 377-9900.

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