The Farmworker Career Development Program (FCDP), provides, free of charge, education, appropriate training, and career services leading to year-round High Skill/High Wage employment to eligible migrant and seasonal farmworkers. Our goals are to help farmworkers, nursery workers, packing house workers, and their children increased knowledge of nonagricultural career opportunities and employability skills, obtain the education and/or job skills to prepare them to enter or advance in the nonagricultural workforce, and provide supportive services to help them reach their goals. We also provide emergency stabilization services such as food, rent, etc. to those who choose to stay in farm work.

Collier/Hendry Counties is an important financial/services assistance program, which has been providing services to the farmworker families of Collier/Hendry Counties since 1997. The program has now branched out into Lee and parts of Glades counties as well.

The program offers free, counseling, tutoring, free health services and job training, financial aid, technical training and help finding work.

Our mission is at no cost, to provide educational, support and emergency services to families of agricultural workers and underemployed who qualify and who need to find a career.

The Farmworker Career Development Program(FCDP) offices are located at the Immokalee Technical College in Immokalee and at 921 Anvil Circle, LaBelle Florida with easy for families of these two counties.

The Agricultural Workers Program (FCDP) offices are located at the headquarters of the Evaluation Center in Palmetto, FL, with easy access for families of agricultural workers residing in Palmetto, Bradenton, Myakka, Rubonia, Parrish, Arcadia, Ruskin and neighborhoods.

Our goal is to help agricultural workers and their families at no cost, to learn about other non-agricultural career opportunities. In addition, obtain education, acquire skills for a job and in that way prepare them to enter and advance in the non-agricultural work force. This in turn will help stabilize families, increase social skills and family involvement, strengthen health and safety areas, and provide support to help them achieve their goals.

The Farmworker Career Development Program (FCDP) is a government organization that helps people who have worked or are employed in agriculture, nurseries, dairy farms, or a packing plant for the past two years.

Funded by the US Department of Labor.


Eligible farmworkers must meet US DOL criteria for being low income, provide a history of farm work, have legal status,

authorized to work in the United States. Most program participants reside in the state year-round. Individuals who a
may be eligible to participate free of cost:

  • Are you a farm worker, nursery worker, a packing house worker (or the husband, wife, or dependent child of a farm
    house worker)?
  • Are you a citizen or legal resident of the United States?
  • Have you (or your parents, husband or wife) done nursery work, packinghouse or farm work in the last 24 months?

The Farmworker Career Development Program of Collier/Hendry counties offers help to its users in:

  • Acquiring knowledge and skills for a job
  • Obtaining a high school diploma
  • Getting a full-time job or career.
  • Obtain a industry certification.
  • Obtain state license in area of training.

If you answer YES to all of the following questions, we may be able to help you at no cost if:

  • Are you a citizen, legal resident, or have a work permit in the United States?
  • Have you (or a family member) worked in a packing house or doing agricultural work in the field at any time during the past 24 months?


For more information, contact the program at:

Farmworker Career Development Program (FCDP), 239.377.1193

Or email to:


Elida Arreguin

Intake Secretary

Maribel Perez

FCDP Facilitator

(239) 377-4741
(863) 612-9863

Gerald Williams

Program Coordinator



Education programs may last from several weeks to 2 years.


This program prepares students for employment based on their own basic skills and assessment results.

The Farmworker Program supports participants in achieving their career goals with the following;

  • Determining what the participants pre-training ability is using various tests like TABE, Interest and Work Values test, and face to face interview.
  • Assisting the participant with locating a career with a good income.
  • Assisting the participant with guidance for mastering the training program.
  • Financial Aid to purchase items needed for either the training program or employment.
  • Upon completion of the training program assisting the participant with applying for employment using or other employment services.

Our goal is help you find a career, not just a job.


A certificate is awarded to students who successfully complete the program’s competencies and satisfy basic skill requirements in accordance with state guidelines.


The average salary of all placed participants exceeds $10/hr. This includes a range from minimum wage entry level to $15.00/hr, depending on skills attained and career choice.

* The Farmworkers Career Development Program is funded by a grant from the Florida Department Education, Adult Migrant Program, WIOA, Sec. 167.

* No person in this district, shall, on the basis of race, national origin, sex, disability, marital status, religion, or age, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity, or in employment conditions or practices conducted by The District School Board of Collier County.

Free to those who qualify
  • Evaluation Counseling
  • Vocational Classes
  • Books and Uniforms
  • Support Services
  • Job Placement Services
  • GED Prep and English
Roberto Hernandez

Roberto Hernandez

Journeyman- Harvest Mechanic / U.S. Sugar

After high school, I was working small jobs and needed funding assistance. In July 2018 I enrolled in the Farmworker Career Development Program to seek out funding assistance. Soon after, I enrolled in the Heavy Equipment Service Technician program in August 2018. After graduation, I was hired by U.S. Sugar within the next week. Now I am a journeyman at U.S. Sugar. I want to thank the Farmworker program for the opportunity because I wouldn't have made it this far without them.

Ociel Olguin

Ociel Olguin

Journeyman - Harvest Mechanic / U.S. Sugar

I graduated from LHS and enrolled in the Farmworker Career Development Program in July of 2018. The Farmworker program helped me with funding so I could enroll in the Heavy Equipment Service Technician program in August 2018. After graduating from the HEST program I was hired by U.S. Sugar and started working within a week! Now I'm making $26.29 per hour as a Journeyman. I'm thankful Farmworker gave me the opportunity to continue my education and start a rewarding career.


"We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our community...Our ambitions must be broad enough to include the aspirations and needs of others, for their sakes and for our own." - Cesar Chavez

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