General Education Development FloridaTo explore an alternative to earning a traditional high school diploma, consider enrolling in a program for GED, or general education development. Florida adults and high school students can apply at Immokalee Technical College to benefit from a comprehensive GED curriculum.

Immokalee Tech College’s GED program prepares students to pass the Florida GED examinations, which will award them a high school diploma. The Florida Department of Education approves iTECH’s coursework, acknowledging its alignment with Common Core standards. To embrace a future as a contributing member of society, pursue your general education development at Immokalee Technical College this fall, winter or summer.

Details About iTECH’s General Education Development Program

At Immokalee Tech College, we take general education development in Florida seriously. We do everything in our power to ensure our student’s success. Our campus promotes a friendly, open learning environment and innovative education model. We treat our students to a variety of in-classroom and laboratory coursework. Our hands-on learning experience is what brings hundreds of students to our campus for GED every year. Get to know Immokalee Technical College.

Immokalee Technical College’s GED program introduces students to essay writing, language arts, reading, social studies, science, and mathematics through Florida state-certified teachers. We use both up-to-date printed text materials and computerized lessons in all subject areas to facilitate learning. Examples of skills our students learn include:

  • Algebra and geometry
  • Analytic responses to texts
  • Analyze point of view, events, and purpose
  • Apply scientific principles and evaluate data
  • Enhanced vocabulary, speaking, and reading
  • Higher-order thinking skills
  • Improved reading skill and speed
  • Interpreting maps, symbols, and graphics
  • Team collaborations and cooperation
  • U.S. and world history, economics, and geography

These skills will serve our students well as they secure a variety of jobs. Students gain classroom knowledge as well as employability tips in immersive and innovative educational activities. Immokalee Tech College’s unique take on general education development in Florida enhances the learning experience and better prepares students for a future in the workplace.

As a student of our GED program, you’ll participate in small and large group activities, individualized assignments at your own pace, and lessons in all competencies you need to pass the GED exams. You may qualify for our fast-track program for general education development. Florida students 16 years of age or older can qualify for our program. Discover more about our program for general education development in Florida.

Other Adult Education Programs at Immokalee Tech College

Immokalee Tech College’s GED program is one of three adult education programs we offer. The other two are English Language Literacy (ELL or ESOL) and Applied Academics for Adult Education (AAAE). Together, these three programs enhance students’ academic skills so they may complete a vocational certificate program in the employment field of their choice. These programs help adults and high school students eventually gain employment in high-wage occupations. Earning your GED is the first step toward unlocking your future.

How to Apply for Your GED at iTECH

To join our program, you must first officially withdraw from the K-12 educational system. Then, you must complete the Immokalee Technical College application packet and take the Tests of Adult Basic Education (TABE) to determine your class placement. The TABE cost $30 to take, and you must schedule an appointment to take them with Immokalee Tech College first. Call (239) 377-4556 for an appointment to take the TABE. Review our TABE study guide before attempting the tests.

Once you complete the TABE and receive your scores, you will sit with one of iTECH’s academic advisers to discuss your scores. There is no minimum score requirements to qualify for our program for general education development in Florida. However, your TABE scores will determine what class placement is appropriate for your current learning level. To prepare for your adviser meeting, you’ll need to fill out the iTECH application form and bring it with you, along with the Florida residency documents required for tuition purposes.

Students pay $30 per semester to join our GED program. This same fee applies to all our adult general education courses. There is financial aid available for students at iTECH. For help with the application or TABE process, don’t hesitate to call our Student Services Department at (239) 377-9900. Our business hours are Monday through Thursday, 8:00 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. and Friday 8:00 a.m. to noon. We’re happy to walk you through how to apply and give you more information about general education development in Florida.

What You Need to Know About GEDs

For people who don’t meet the requirements for a traditional high school diploma or those who could not complete high school, general education development programs grant the opportunity to earn an equivalent credential. GED programs open a student’s future to careers that require high school diplomas or the equivalent – nearly every job in today’s business environment. For some students, a GED program is faster and more convenient than earning a traditional high school diploma. For others, it’s a second chance.

When debating between a high school diploma and general educational development, Florida residents should realize that the important thing is earning the degree – regardless of its title. Most employers simply require a “high school diploma or equivalent.” If earning a high school diploma isn’t the right choice for you, Immokalee Technical College urges you to consider a GED. Obtaining high-wage employment is next to impossible without a high school diploma or equivalent. For just $30 a semester, you can earn your GED at iTECH.

Join the iTECH Community

If you believe the Immokalee Tech College GED program is right for you, please contact our offices to start the application process. Depending on when you apply, you can begin the program next fall, winter or summer. Joining the iTECH community means you’ll have access to cutting edge training technologies, a plethora of relevant career certification programs, and job opportunities through our business partners. After you pass your GED examinations at the end of the program, you’ll have a portfolio, résumé, and job search resources at your disposal.

Immokalee Technical College prides itself on the success of its students. To join our community and pursue general education development, Florida citizens can dial (239) 377-9900 to speak with an academic adviser.

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