Heavy Equipment Mechanics FloridaImmokalee Technical College has the curriculum, resources, and hands-on experience you need to launch or advance a career in heavy equipment mechanics. Florida adults and high school students come to iTECH for engaging, high-quality educational experiences. Between our dedication to student success and real-world heavy equipment mechanics opportunities, students have what they need to qualify for gainful employment and career advancement in the industry of their choice. Get to know iTECH.

About the Heavy Equipment Mechanics Program

The iTECH Heavy Equipment Mechanics (HEM) program gives students the ability to maintain, diagnose, and repair heavy equipment systems. We’ve designed the program to focus on promoting a foundation of technical skills and parallel skills associated with heavy-duty trucks. Our program offers hundreds of hours’ worth of practical application in our on-campus automotive services laboratory.

In the lab, students can get their hands dirty and practice on real diesel engines, transmissions, and bus and motor graders. Students also become proficient in using web-based heavy equipment mechanics software, ordering parts, and drafting reports of work completed on projects.

As with all our career certification programs, career readiness is the main goal of the coursework involved in heavy equipment mechanics. Florida students will receive preparation for employment in careers such as:

  • Contractor service technician
  • Dealer service technician
  • Field service technician
  • Industrial engine service technician
  • Maintenance technician
  • Parts store representative
  • Rental store technician
  • Rental/machine sales representative
  • Truck shop technician

We’ve tailored our HEM program at iTECH to meet the industry needs of heavy equipment mechanics in Florida – specifically, the Southwest Florida region. Skills students attain will help them obtain gainful employment throughout Florida. Their specialized skills and knowledge will make them more attractive to employers who need technicians with local experience. Learn more about the HEM program at Immokalee Technical College.

Courses You Must Complete for Certification

To qualify for the iTECH HEM certificate, you must complete all nine occupational completion points relevant to the program. Laboratory and shop activities are crucial parts of our program for heavy equipment mechanics in Florida. The nine necessary courses are:

  • DIM0101: Diesel Engine Mechanic/Technician Helper. Students in this course learn basic, entry-level diesel engine job skills. This course emphasizes safety procedures, accident prevention, employability skills, and understanding the components of a diesel engine. 150 hours.
  • DIM0102: Diesel Electrical and Electronics Technician. Students learn to troubleshoot and repair basic electrical components, including lead-acid batteries, starters, alternators, and lighting systems. This course emphasizes electrical shock prevention and safety. 300 hours.
  • DIM0103: Diesel Engine Preventative Maintenance Technician. This course teaches students entry-level diesel engine maintenance skills, including troubleshooting techniques. Students learn to check and diagnose engine and components. 150 hours.
  • DIM0104: Diesel Engine Technician. Students learn to diagnose and repair heavy-duty truck engines and components, including the cooling system, fuel system, brakes, and more. 300 hours.
  • DIM0130: Diesel Brakes/Fluid Technician. This course teaches entry-level skills relating to the basic operations of mechanical hydraulic brake systems. Students learn to identify, service, and repair these systems. 300 hours.
  • DIM0106: Diesel Heating and Air Conditioning Technician. This course teaches skills in the repair of heavy-duty truck HVAC systems. Students learn the proper safety procedures when working with the system and refrigerants. 150 hours.
  • DIM0107: Diesel Steering and Suspension Technician. This course covers entry-level skills in maintaining and repairing heavy-duty truck suspensions and steering systems. Topics include wheels, seals, bearing hubs, and tire alignment. Students also learn to service tractors and trailers. 150 hours.
  • DIM0108: Diesel Drivetrain Technician. This course goes over heavy-duty truck clutches, as well as automatic and standard transmissions. Students learn to abide by manufacturer safety procedures during troubleshooting and repairs. 150 hours.
  • DIM0110: Diesel Power Train Technician. Students learn the fundamentals of operating and maintaining heavy-duty truck track systems in accordance with safety and employment concerns. 150 hours.

These courses teach students to maintain and repair diesel engines and electrical systems, overhaul diesel engines, recondition diesel fuel injection systems, and perform diesel engine preventive maintenance. Students will also learn leadership, communication, and employability skills. Many of the courses also delve into safe, efficient, and ethical work practices.

Common Questions Regarding the HEM Program

Our knowledgeable academic advisers have put together a list of frequently asked questions regarding iTECH’s program for heavy equipment mechanics in Florida for your convenience. If you don’t see your question on this list, feel free to contact our Student Services Center and speak with an adviser directly.

  1. What are the admissions requirements for the HEM program? Students applying to any program in auto, machining, and heavy equipment mechanics in Florida must take the Bennett Mechanical Reasoning and Spatial Aptitude test. Students must score 40 or above during the computer test or 46 or above on the paper test. In addition to the Bennett test, students must also take Tests of Adult Basic Education (TABE). Students also need a high school diploma or GED and must attend an interview.
  2. How long will the HEM Program take to complete? Students may finish the HEM program at their own pace, as long as they successfully complete at least 1,800 relevant coursework hours over a two-year period. Students must take and complete all nine courses involved in the program.
  3. What will I receive upon completing the program? Once you successfully complete the HEM program competencies and demonstrate basic skills in accordance with state guidelines, Immokalee Technical College will award you with the Certificate in Heavy Equipment Mechanics. Florida graduates with this certificate will be eligible for a plethora of related careers.
  4. What are my chances of securing a job after graduation? Some of the biggest names in the heavy equipment mechanics industry support iTECH’s HEM program. We partner with local business and organizations to bring advanced career opportunities to students in each of our programs to enhance your employability. Meet our business advisers. Students can participate in internships and job shadow opportunities with local companies and potentially secure a job at the company following graduation.

To get started with the Immokalee Technical College’s program for heavy equipment mechanics, Florida residents can call (239) 377-9900.

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