Legal Administrative Specialist Education FloridaOne program you’ll find within Immokalee Technical College’s Business Technology sector is legal administrative specialist education. Florida students involved in this program gain employment skills necessary for law office jobs. Students learn to use current software programs as well as legal matters to equip them to hold positions in high-wage careers. The broad foundation of skills and knowledge students gain in iTECH’s Legal Administrative Specialist program give them qualifications today’s employers look for.

Benefits of Choosing Immokalee Tech College

There are many technical schools where you can pursue a legal administrative specialist education in Florida, but only one has the newest, most state-of-the-art technical training facilities. Immokalee Technical College provides premier career and technical programs to high school students and adults in their chosen vocations. In our Business Technology programs, students have access to 30 Windows PC computers with dual screens and an HP laser printer in our learning laboratory.

At iTECH, we’ve created a unique education model, one in which students learn skills both in the classroom and in a real-world setting. Our open-to-the-public storefronts give business technology students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with legal administrative specialist matters. These experiences look great on résumés and give our graduates an edge over other job applicants. Learn more about our campus.

On top of our innovative storefront system, Immokalee Tech College also has active business partners who have adopted iTECH’s Legal Administrative Specialist program. Our business partners offer students financial assistance, advanced curriculum development, and engaging networking activities. In many cases, graduates find employment thanks to our business adviser’s job placement assistance. This benefit gives our students an added level of employability and job security. We always encourage our students to research local businesses to arrange customized internship experiences.

Join Our Legal Administrative Specialist Program

When students come to Immokalee Technical College to pursue a legal administrative specialist education in Florida, they receive a high-quality learning experience that will ready them for gainful employment. The iTECH mission is to put students through rigorous real-world educational experiences to prepare them for employment and advanced careers.

In an effort to achieve this mission, Immokalee Tech College strives to prepare students as much as possible for practical skill applications. In a legal administrative specialist capacity, this means computer programming knowledge and legal proficiencies. In the iTECH computer laboratory, students engage in hands-on activities and projects relating to skills they’ll need to hold positions in this industry. For a legal administrative specialist education in Florida you can be proud of, join Immokalee Technical College’s Legal Administrative Specialist program.

Courses Necessary for the iTECH Career Certification

In the Legal Administrative Specialist program, you’ll take these four occupational completion point (OCP) courses:

  • OTA0040: Information Technology Assistant. This course teaches the basics of modern business and information system trends. Students learn the basic skills required in current business environments, including touch keyboarding proficiency and fundamental computer applications. 150 hours.
  • OTA0041: Front Desk Specialist. In this course, students learn to assist with general office and administrative duties. Students develop proficiencies in software programs with the goal of performing office-related tasks. At the end of the course, students are able to manage higher-level office procedures, communications, and tasks using modern technologies. 300 hours.
  • OTA0042: Administrative Support. Students become aware of organizational structures and management functions in today’s workplace. Students learn appropriate employer/employee roles, leadership techniques, customer service strategies, business law fundamentals, and ethics. 150 hours.
  • OTA0050: Legal Administrative Specialist. This course enables students to accomplish a variety of job objectives and obtain a well-rounded legal administrative specialist education in Florida. 450 hours.

In the OTA0050 course, students learn the bulk of legal components involved in their duties, including legal terminology as well as how to:

  • Prepare legal documents
  • Navigate special legal software
  • Utilize and maintain a legal reference library
  • Transcribe legal documents
  • Handle various types of law practices

These important skills are necessary to apply for and secure jobs in the legal administrative industry. Students with the iTECH certification in this program may move on to become legal or litigations secretaries, legal document processors, law library clerks, legal office clerks, judicial clerks, or legal records clerks. Browse our full course catalog for more certification program options.

What Do Students Learn in the Legal Administrative Specialist Program?

During the 1,050 required hours to complete the program, students pursuing a legal administrative specialist education in Florida will develop several important skills. These skills expand the legal secretary’s traditional role, delving into foundations of today’s business environment. The training you’ll receive in our Legal Administrative Specialist program will carry you to the next level in your career. Read about our program in more detail. Skills you’ll acquire include, but are not limited to:

  • Business ethics
  • Business mathematics
  • Business organizations
  • Contract law
  • Filing
  • Government knowledge
  • Keyboarding
  • Legal billing
  • Legal research
  • Legal terminology
  • Litigation
  • Machine transcription
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft PowerPoint national certification
  • Microsoft Word
  • QuickBooks certification
  • Written and oral communication

Upon completing Immokalee Tech College’s legal administrative specialist education, Florida students can include this long list of skills on their résumés. Any employer looking to fill a position in a law office or other setting will jump at the chance to interview an applicant with these skills and qualifications.

As an added bonus, Immokalee Tech College equips all its students with employability skills, such as how to create a résumé and master the interview. When it comes to employment preparedness, iTECH is a top destination.

Your Future Awaits: Choose Immokalee Technical College

A career as a legal administrative specialist can be highly fulfilling. Those with a knack for organization, communication, and filing systems should consider signing up for programs in iTECH’s legal administrative specialist education. Florida students looking to launch a career in this industry or advance their current positions can apply at Immokalee Tech College today.

If you have questions about the Legal Administrative Specialist program at iTECH, contact us. We’ll return your query as soon as possible and answer any questions and concerns you may have about joining our community. If you’re interested in obtaining a legal administrative specialist education, Florida residents can call (239) 377-9900 to get in touch with Immokalee Technical College.

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