Medical Administration Specialist Degree FloridaAs part of its Business Technology programs, Immokalee Technical College offers students the opportunity to earn a medical administration specialist degree. Florida students interested in learning the employment skills necessary to work in a medical office come to Immokalee Tech College for a superior educational experience.

Our Medical Administrative Specialist program offers iTECH students unique benefits such as access to the newest state-of-the-art training facility in Florida. When you choose Immokalee Technical College for your post-secondary education, you’re opening the doors to a bright future.

Why Students Choose Immokalee Technical College

Students enroll at Immokalee Tech College for many reasons. From our dedication to student success to our mission to qualify students for gainful employment, iTECH offers a plethora of attractive advantages. If you’re considering iTECH for your medical administration specialist degree in Florida, you’ve found one of the best career and technical schools in the state. Learn more about Immokalee Tech College. Here’s what sets us apart from the competition:

  • Impressive accreditations. The Commission of the Council on Occupational Education (COE) fully accredits the Immokalee Technical Training Center in Fort Myers, FL. The COE is a national accrediting agency that acts as a reliable authority on an institution’s quality of education. The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement also accredits iTECH.
  • State-of-the-art training facilities. Immokalee Technical College is the newest technical training center in Florida. We equipped our beautiful facilities with modern cutting-edge technologies such dual-screen computers and current software programs to benefit students pursuing a medical administration specialist degree in Florida. Students learn to use specialized programs relevant to medical administration specialists on today’s most sophisticated technologies.
  • Hands-on educational experiences. One of the main reasons students flock to iTECH is our implementation of laboratory and clinic coursework in addition to classroom learning. We believe a technical training college should give students the opportunity to engage with a career in a realistic way. Our hands-on learning centers train future medical administrative specialists how to navigate a real-life medical office setting. Explore our other iTECH businesses.

Between the immense number of relevant skills students learn in the classroom and the opportunity for hands-on experience, it’s clear why students pursuing a medical administration specialist degree in Florida choose Immokalee Technical College.

Skills You’ll Need as a Medical Administration Specialist

Becoming a medical administrative specialist opens the doors for a range of fulfilling career choices. Let Immokalee Tech College boost your chances of securing your dream job with a high-quality educational background on your résumé. When you enroll in iTECH’s Medical Administrative Specialist program, you’ll learn:

  • Keyboarding
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (national certification)
  • QuickBooks certification
  • Business math
  • Business ethical practices
  • Written and oral communication
  • Filing

Find out more about our business technology programs. During your time in our program, you’ll learn the medical terminology and transcription skills necessary to hold a job as a medical secretary, medical insurance secretary, unit secretary, medical insurance secretary, or medical records clerk. By the time you leave Immokalee Technical College with a medical administration specialist degree, Florida medical offices will be opening their doors to welcome you as a new employee.

How to Complete iTECH’s Medical Administrative Specialist Program

If you’re considering applying at Immokalee Technical College to enroll in the Medical Administrative Specialist program, we welcome you. Learn what you’re signing up for, what skills you’ll learn, and the courses you’ll take. Speak to an adviser for more specific help relating to your individual education. Here is some general information about the coursework necessary to earn the certificate:

  • OTA0040: Information Technology Assistant. In this course, students learn broad information about current business and information systems. The course introduces the basic foundations for working in the modern business environment, teaching skills such as touch keyboarding and fundamental computer applications. 150 hours.
  • OTA0041: Front Desk Specialist. This course teaches general office duties, including office administration. Students learn to use the advanced features of office-related task software programs as communication tools in the workplace. This course also explores the application of higher-level office tasks using technology. 300 hours.
  • OTA0631: Medical Office Technologist. Students learn to perform medical office tasks involving health insurance, billing and collections, verification, scheduling, medical document preparation/transcription, and medical reference library maintenance and utilization. 300 hours.
  • OTA0651: Medical Administrative Specialist. Students learn medical terminology, medical document transcription, medical emergency management methods, and other general medical office functions. 300 hours.

The total length of the program for the medical administration specialist degree in Florida is 1,050 hours. Students can schedule these courses at Immokalee Technical College in the spring, summer, fall, and winter. Once a student successfully completes these courses, demonstrating knowledge of the program’s competencies and basic skills according to state guidelines, iTECH awards the student with the Medical Administrative Specialist Certificate.

Special Job Opportunities at iTECH

A student with an iTECH certificate is eligible to apply for a variety of related jobs. Upon completing the program, students will hold certifications in QuickBooks Pro and Microsoft Office – two things that improve a résumé and are often necessary to secure a job as a medical administrative specialist. Students in every business technology program at Immokalee Tech College also prepare a portfolio that highlights what they’ve learned, which they can use to showcase their skills to an employer. ITECH graduates also leave with a perfected professional résumé, letter of application, and showcase of earned certifications.

Aside from equipping our students with superior training experiences, Immokalee Tech College also gives students a better chance of securing medical administration specialist jobs through our business partnerships. At iTECH, local businesses and associations volunteer to adopt our certification programs. These partners provide job shadowing opportunities, summer internships, and job placement assistance to our students. This means that in addition to acquiring top skill sets in the industry, our students have help securing high-demand jobs after graduating. Meet our business partners.

Jumpstart Your Career at Immokalee Technical College Today

If Immokalee Technical College sounds like the post-secondary educational institution for you, please contact our Student Service Center to start the application process. Once admitted to iTECH, there are no special admissions requirements to pursue the medical administration specialist degree. Florida students can dial (239) 377-9900 to get in touch with our academic advisers.

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