Accounting Operations

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Program Description
Accounting Operations
The Accounting Operations course will provide the student with accounting/bookkeeping employment skills. These skills include, but are not limited to: keyboarding; Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft PowerPoint (MOS Certification); QuickBooks Certification; IC3 Certification; business math; business ethics; written and oral communication; filing; calculators; sole proprietorship accounting; partnership accounting; merchandising accounting; corporation accounting; and automated accounting.

Preparation for Employment
These programs offer a broad foundation of knowledge and skills to prepare students for employment.  The content includes the useful skills that employers are looking for.
► MOS (Microsoft Office) 2016

► QuickBooks Pro

► IC3

Various businesses and clinics are partners with iTECH’s Accounting Operations program and some provide excellent internship opportunities for our students. Students are encouraged to research area business, clinics and hospitals to arrange your own specialized internship experience.
Area of Focus

► IC3 Certification
► Keyboarding Skills
► Communication Skills
► Business Math
► Machine Transcription

► Business Ethics
► Office Procedures
► Filing
► Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint 2016

Portfolio and Course Projects
Business Technology students prepare a portfolio that highlights the skills they learned, in order to prepare them for a challenging career, and a showcase of certifications earned. Students also create a professional resume and letter of application.

There are a variety of projects within the four Occupational Completion Points. Students will need to complete all of the projects in order to satisfy the curriculum requirements for this course.

Accounting Operations:  

Course # OCP Course Name Hours
OTA0040 A Information Technology Assistant 150
ACO0040 B Accounting Clerk 300
ACO0041 C Accounting Associate 300
ACO0042 D Accounting Assistant 150


Software Applications and Equipment

► Automated Accounting – Accounting Operations

► Microsoft Office Suite

► QuickBooks Pro 

The equipment and supplies in the business technology classroom are provided to enhance hands-on experiences for students. Included in the lab are 30 Windows PC computers with dual-screens, one HP Laser Printer and one color printer.

Length of Course / Hours

Length of Course: 900 Hours, 2 Semesters.

Basic Skills Exit Requirements

► TABE Assessment:

Accounting Operations

Reading   10.0      Math   10.0      Language   10.0

*Some students qualify for exemption from this requirement.

Program Offered and Enrollment Dates
Fall and Winter
► Full-time:
Monday through Friday
8:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.

► Full-time:
Monday through Thursday
7:45 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

There are five (5) entry dates during each school year:

► Beginning of Fall Semester (August)

► 9 weeks into Fall Semester (October)

► Beginning of Winter Semester (January)

► 9 weeks into Winter Semester (March)

► Summer (June)

Funding / Financial Aid
Course Textbooks
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Internships & Workforce Education

Students participate in work-based learning experiences in their field of study outside of the classroom. ITECH has a Workforce Internship Program for those students who need work experience, but do not have an out-of-school job.

Certificate of Completion

Students who complete 100% of the competencies required of their certificate programs and have TABE scores that meet Florida Department of Education requirements will be awarded Certificates of Completion.

Job Placement

Our competent counseling staff provides job postings on a daily basis, with help in resume writing and the interviewing process.

iTECH Advising/Student Services


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How do I enroll for the Accounting Operations program?

Your first step is to see an Advisor.
Hours are Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Q. What tests do I need to take to enroll at iTECH?

You will take the TABE test. This test is a starting point for iTECH to know your reading, language, and math skills.

Q. TABE scores needed to earn your Certificate of Completion:

TABE Assessment Scores:
Reading 10.0
Math 10.0
Language 10.0

Q. Who will help pay for my tuition and books?

FAFSA (Federal Grant); Farmworker Jobs and Education Program (migrant workers, or children of migrant workers), Career Services, scholarships, or self-pay. Your counselor will direct you to an agency that will help pay for your tuition and books.

Q. How long is the school day, and what happens if I am absent?

It is important that you attend class every day. There are no excused absences, but you will be allowed 10% absences during a semester. If you miss ten (10) consecutive days, you will be withdrawn from the program. Students are allowed a Leave of Absence in the case of emergency, but the LOA MUST be applied for and approved before the leave is taken.

Q. When is graduation?
There is one commence ceremony each year as indicated on the school calendar.


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