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Program Description
The Heavy Equipment Mechanics (HEM) program focuses on producing technical skill’s as a foundation that will prepare a student to maintain, diagnose and repair all associated heavy equipment systems. In addition, parallel skills associated with Heavy Duty Trucks will be mastered with the objective of successful completion of ASE Certification on T2, T4, T6, and T8 examinations. Students will be able to practice and continue to develop their skills with practical application on current production diesel engines, transmissions, buses and motor grader. They will be proficient using web based service software, ordering parts and creating a reports of service work accomplished.

Preparation for Employment

This program offers a broad foundation of knowledge and skills to prepare students for employment in the heavy equipment industry across the state.  The content includes practical experiences in electronic engine operation, diesel engine complete rebuild, hydraulic system testing, heavy equipment fleet maintenance performance, and transmission rebuild with specialized skills in electronics such as use of manufacturers diagnostic tools. The ultimate goal of the program is to prepare a student to enter the HEM workforce without the necessity of going through a formal dealer apprentice program. A student will be ready and technically prepared to take on the challenges of a Rental Store, Main Shop, and Contractor Maintenance Technician. Furthermore, they will have a solid foundation that will allow rapid advancement in the industry.

► ASE Certification Examination:

T2- Diesel Engines

T4- Brakes

T6- Electrical/Electronics

T8- Preventative Maintenance-Inspection

Various Equipment Dealers across the Eastern United States have sponsored summer internship for students to work as paid summer interns. These students worked as line technicians integrated into the dealer’s workforce, gaining specific experience working in the field of their choice.
Area of Focus

► Technician Helper

► Electric/Electronics

► Engine Rebuild

► Hydraulic System Operation

► Mobile Air Conditioning

► Brakes Systems

► Transmissions

► Welding/Cutting

Software Applications

► Caterpillar Electronic Technician

► Caterpillar Service Information System

Shop Activities & Equipment
Shop activities are an integral part of this program.  These activities include instruction in the safe use of tools, equipment, materials, and processes related to being a HEM.  The equipment and supplies in the HEM classroom and shops are provided to enhance the hands-on experiences for students. Included in the classrooms/shops is a classroom of 24 computers, 5 shop laptops, 4 electronic/electronic training aids, 1 hydraulic training aid, 6 heavy duty diesel engines, motor grader and scraper transmissions, flywheel dynamometer, 2 operational buses, 4 agriculture tractors and an operational-current production motor grader.
Potential Employment Opportunities

► Dealer Service Technician

► Contractor Service Technician

► Rental Store Service Technician

► Parts Store Professional

► Maintenance Technician

► Machine/Rental Sales Representative

► Field Service Technician

► Truck Shop Service Technician

► Industrial Engine Service Technician

Length of Course and Occupational Completion Points
► 1800 clock hours or 4 semesters

► The following table illustrates the program structure:

Course # OCP Course Name Hours
DIM0101 A Diesel Engine Mechanic/Technician Helper 150
DIM0102 B Diesel Electrical and Electronics Technician 300
DIM0103 C Diesel Engine Preventative Maintenance Technician 150
DIM0104 D Diesel Engine Technician 300
DIM0105 E Diesel Brakes Technician 300
DIM0106 F Diesel Heating and Air Conditioning Technician 150
DIM0107 G Diesel Steering and Suspension Technician 150
DIM0108 H Diesel Drivetrain Technician 150
DIM0110 I Diesel Power Train Technician 150

Basic Skills Exit Requirements
► TABE Assessment:
Reading 9.0      Math 9.0     Language 9.0
*Some students qualify for exemption from this requirement.

Mechanical Reasoning Study Guide

– Study Guide: Barron’s Mechanical Aptitude and Spatial Relations Test

Program Offered
► Fall and Spring
► Full-time:
Monday through Friday
8:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.
Funding / Financial Aid
Course Textbooks
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Articulation Agreements
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Program Experiences

Practical Application

The heart of Heavy Equipment is the Diesel Engine like this Caterpillar C – 12.

Up To Date Technology

Heavy Equipment Mechanics use of State of the Art Electrical Training Aids will provide a firm foundation for troubleshooting of Advanced electronics.

Current Engine Technology

You will be challenged performing complete rebuild of diesel Engines like those that use the Common Rail fuel system.

Prepare for the Challenge

Heavy Equipment Mechanics require a mastery of many systems; Hydraulics, Engine, Power Train and Electronics. To demand the best compensation you must be prepared for the challenge. Through practicing on machines and use hydraulic trainers you will master this challenge.

Heavy Equipment Machines

Gain practical experience working on machines like this 160M Caterpillar Motor Grader.

Hands-On Performance
There is little that can replace hands-on reinforcement of system principles like testing and making adjustment to real Heavy Equipment.


What better way to master the fundamentals of power train systems than to perform complete rebuild of a motor grader and scraper transmission.

FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is Heavy Equipment Mechanics?
Heavy Equipment Mechanic Program is a Post Secondary vocational program covering 1800 hours of over a two year period. It consists of nine courses, starting with Diesel Engine Technician Helper and Diesel Electrical and Electronics. Then progressing into Diesel Engine Technology and Air Conditioning and further studies into Power Train, Drive Train and Steering courses.
Q: Do I have a good chance at getting hired?
This program is heavily supported by some of the largest names in the industry, which makes the content very applicable to the jobs you will find upon graduation.

Ociel Olguin

Ociel Olguin

Journeyman - Harvest Mechanic / U.S. Sugar

I graduated from LHS and enrolled in the Heavy Equipment Service Technician program in August 2018. After graduating from the HEST program I was hired by U.S. Sugar and started working within a week! Now I'm making $26.29 per hour as a Journeyman.

Roberto Hernandez

Roberto Hernandez

Journeyman- Harvest Mechanic / U.S. Sugar

After high school, I enrolled in the Heavy Equipment Service Technician program in August 2018. I enrolled in the Farmworker Career Development Program in July 2018 requesting funding assistance. After completing the HEST program I was hired by U.S. Sugar within the next week. Now I am a journeyman at U.S. Sugar.

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