iTECH Student Notification #1

Immokalee Technical College is closed the week of March 16-20 to prepare for the potential of reopening next week, either on campus, or with virtual instruction. We will know at the end of this week if we will continue to be closed to the public. The good news is our staff is working very hard this week and moving forward to develop meaningful distance learning experiences so that you can continue your education.  We will be utilizing online platforms for this virtual instruction. The best way to access this content will be through a computer with Internet access. The second best way will be through a smart phone utilizing the canvas app.

To access Canvas online:

  1. Visit the following website
  2. Login username is: Student ID
  3. Password is: either 1 or 4-digit birthday
  4. Sign In

Click here to get a link to download the app for either IOS or Android.

Get Connected

Comcast Cable is also offering 2 months of internet connectivity for free with free hotspots.

Get xfinity wifi   More info

Contact your Instructor

We are asking each and every student to email their instructor(s) now to make sure that they have your contact information and phone number. Here is a list of all of your instructor’s email addresses.  Once you made a connection with your instructor through email, they will get back with you begin communicating on how training will continue moving forward should the college remain closed to on campus learning. Here is a list of all your instructors contact information:

Program Instructors email
AAAE/ABE/GED Instructor Brad Myers
Accounting Operations/Business Administrative Services Ronnie Campbell
Applied Cybersecurity Amy McMullin
Automotive Service Technology Anthony Rowtie
Automotive Service Technology Robert Landry
Building Construction Technologies William Parry
Computer Systems & Information Technology/Cyber Security Amy McMullin
Cosmetology Delia Lozano
Digital Media/Multimedia Design Omar Rodriguez
Early Childhood Education Melinda Chesser
ELL Instructor Maria Leyva
ELL Instructor Katherine Mominee
ELL Instructor Lori Neal
ELL Instructor Adriana Carranza
Heavy Equipment Service Technician Robert Boyle
Legal Administrative Specialist Ronnie Campbell
Machining Technologies Greg Richter
Machining Technologies Ross Porter
Medical Administrative Specialist Ronnie Campbell
Medical Coder and Biller Donna Jolly
Practical Nursing James Leavor
Practical Nursing Yvonne McConnell
Professional Culinary Arts and Hospitality Terrie Thompson